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Welcome to Renting Street, your unique opportunity to earn money easily and quickly!!!
Help everyone earn money easily without making further investments and also help save money without making investments.
Renting Street is the brainchild of Raymond Sandhu, a prominent business owner from Denver, Colorado. Frequent business trips across the globe have led Raymond to meet and greet people from a cross-section of economic strata. This ignited the philanthropic spark within him that he has nurtured from a tender age. Raymond decided to help everyone make money easily and also save money using the latest technology.
He came across a lot of people that own items and remain unused for most parts of the year locking up investment made on them. At the same time there are others that are in need of one or the other of such items for some time. Renting Street is a social marketplace developed to help you earn money by renting out or selling almost anything that you own.  
Whether you are a student, a homemaker, own a business or an office space, you can earn money renting those extra and unused items. With Renting Street, you will never be cash-strapped again!
Our aim is to extend the facilities of this “state-of-the-art” platform to individuals, B2B, B2C professionals, brokers or anyone else that wants to rent out anything or use anything taking it on rent – earning and saving money.
What We Do
We are not renters or sellers of products but facilitators that help bringing you closer to people with whom you can interact and transact directly and with total transparency. Our goal is to make our process available virtually anywhere to anyone using our website or mobile app. At Renting Street, we do not take payments for transactions and deals that you conclude with other parties.
Our Code of Ethics
Renting Street is a fully safe platform where you as our user, can sign up using your own information. Logging onto to the Renting Street services is a secured process that requires your username and password. We have restricted access to the portal and its services only to authorized people like you as a renter, one renting out, a seller or a buyer. While ensuring transparency of operations, we also cover you with necessary protection when you use our portal. 
Easy to browse and user-friendly, at Renting Street, we are continually looking for better ways to make our website easier and more intuitive for a better user experience. 
Happy Walking through Renting Street any day, any time!!!