Renting Street is a free marketplace with two listing options – free and featured listing. The cost of featured listing depends on the type of ad feature options you choose from such as daily , weekly, monthly or annually.

# Post unlimited ads using multiple category and sub-category options.

# Get awesome offers from buyers.

# Find endless solution for any service provider.

# Its just not where you reside, we are globally for your any needs.

# Be part of the Renting Street community and participate in the ongoing discussions.

# Ask questions in the community/forum and increase its value by answering questions posed by other users.

# Become the biggest contributor of the month and get the chance to earn $10 ad credits that you can use to post premium featured ads.

# Answering and addressing maximum queries helps you become an influencer.

You can cancel/delete your featured ad but payments once made for it cannot be refunded.

Yes. Log on to Renting Street, Go to sign up, fill in the required information, create your account.

You cannot retrieve your password at Renting Street. Go to change password option and set a new password.

We are sorry that you were not satisfied with our services. For deactivating account go to My Profile – Account – scroll down to the page bottom and you will find Cancel Account option. Click on the appropriate reason and Save to deactivate.

Yes. Any user can be a buyer, renter or a seller/ and or a service provider at any point in time.

Premium ads are paid and show up on top of the homepage.

As soon as you make the payment your ads will featured immediately.

Yes. But this has to be a deal between you and the seller/renter before buying the product/service. We do not take any responsibility of any issue with product/services. However, we do have users rating facility that can be used by both buyers and sellers.

Renting Street does not approve of any aggressive or abusive behavior. We will take strict action against any such member who violates the rules. The account of such a member will be suspended temporarily or permanently depending on the discretion of the authorities of Renting Street Inc.

1.Create complex password.

2.Do not share your login details.

3.Keep upading your login details timely

There are three payment options for taking items on hire or buying them – cash, check, debit or credit card.

All buyers and sellers enjoy equal privileges.

For all further queries please send us an e-mail at support@rentingstreet.com. Please make sure to start the subject with “QUERY:”.


Rules of using www.rentingstreet.com: 


1.      No Stock Pictures are to be used for postings but only real and original images of the products/service/place should be posted.


2.      Posting an ad from a foreign IP or any other number that is not from United States is not permitted.


3.      Posting of any product, service that is banned by the United States government or is illegal is strictly prohibited.


4.      Duplicate Ad posting – You cannot post same ad twice or cannot copy any ad that is already posted in Renting Street.