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What is Bitrix

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22 Nov 2019

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What is Bitrix When we talk about Bitrix, we mean a software product called 1C-Bitrix. This program was created by the company of the same name, which in turn was created by two firms LLC "Bitrix" and "1C". The full product name sounds like 1C-Bitrix: site management. This product has gained popularity because it allows you to most effectively create and manage websites and other web projects. You can buy Bitrix on the official website of the company. This program allows you to ensure the profitability of Internet projects. The site is created with the help of Bitrix with integration with internal software systems of the company, and therefore it is possible to create or update the catalog with products quite easily by downloading the required files automatically from MS Excel in the form of XML data. In addition, there is an automated document management system, and therefore to prepare and approve documents before they are published in a web project, it will not be difficult for employees of your company, who will be responsible for it. In addition, SiteUpdate technology allows you to receive updates of This program directly from the official website, so you can always have a new version of the program without any problems.


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